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Today started out at 8:20 or so in the morning; by the time we left the accommodations it was closer to 9/9:30 though. Our first order of business was breakfast and we’d found a good place for Swedish style cinnamon rolls.

Lisa’s Cafe was our first experience of Kanelbullar aka Cinnamon Rolls. These aren’t the Cinnabon we’ve got in the States, they’re dryer, more doughy and sprinkled with sugar and not overrun with syrup! So much easier to eat without the gooeyness. Still as delicious too!    
Semla (wasn’t sure about he spelling at first so my snapchat picture has an n) was my next pastry, Lisa’s Cafe had won the award for the best one three years running. On the second year they sold out at 10:30am after which they didn’t want the newspapers to mention them so as to not be overwhelmed! Luckily we went on a day that wasn’t that busy (that was their national Semlan day the equivalent to our Fat Tuesday). I can’t even describe how delicious it was! 
Medieval Museum was the first place on our museum agenda. On the way there we walked around Old Town or Gmla Stan; beautiful. The architecture of the buildings, the small streets, everything about this part of Stockholm was quaint and looked to be rife with history. Fun fact from the museum; Women in he medieval ages (16th Century) in Stockholm could work as Brewers, brawnmakers, seamstresses, headdress weavers, washerwoman, bagpipe players, blood letters, clothes mongers, and day labourers. Bathhouses in Stocholm “could get quite wild. It might even be like a downright brothel” according to the museum itself. This museum was really interesting and well worth the time-did I mention it was free too? Prior to going into the museum as it was only open starting at 12 and we’d gotten there at 11:30 or so we decided to check out the water nearby. Happened to find some people feeding the swans, ducks and seagulls which was pretty entertaining!  
Next was lunch, we stopped at the Burger Bar for some delish burgers & fries. Sadly though it isn’t milkshake season.. Although who needs a season for milkshake.. Anyway, all three of us ordered the True Burger which was fantastic!!  
 Next on our agenda was checking out the palace briefly on our way to the Vasa Museum. The palace was pretty sweet, didn’t spend a lot of time checking it out as the museums closed around 5 and we had a long list of places to go. Coming up shortly was our trek to the Vasa Museum; we decided to take the ferry since it was included on our three day unlimited pass.

The ferry was fun, super short ride but I couldn’t have left Stockholm without having gone on the water at least once! Once we got to the area we took the scenic route to the museum since we didn’t have a clue as to where it was or what it looked like without mapping it-oops. Anyway, by the time we got there after walking around the Nordic Museum (I believe it was) we had about two hours to spend inside before it closed. I honestly hadn’t a clue to what the museum was about as I didn’t do enough background research other than seeing it came very highly recommended by many people. Vasa was the Kings ship that he more or less commissioned for his Navy fleet (I can’t recall the specific King, I’ll add that later when I go back and edit on my computer). The reason there is a museum desicated to it more or less is that it’s probably the only remaining ship from the 1600’s. This being the case because it sank on its maiden voyage in the harbor and the silt and mud at the bottom preserved it as well as the water it sank in-apparently if a ship is going to sink the Baltic water is the best for preservation? Anyway. The first thing you see upon entering the museum is the Vasa itself. This ship was magnificent, if ever you get the chance to see it in person you simply cannot pass it up!! I was extremely impressed with the ship and how well preserved it was! According to the museum itself, the ship as 98% original!  


This was by far my most favorite museum and I’ve been to quite a few in my 20 some years!! As per why the ship sunk, there wasn’t enough ballast, and there were two decks of cannons which is part of why the ballasts were minimal compared to what was needed or else the waterline would have been to the bottom row of cannons and at risk of sinking that way. As it happened though, it more or less capsized because of the disproportionate weight allotment and such. On the ferry back we took advantage of the gorgeous sunset for some great photos!  

After taking a nap we went to get some dinner and on the way to the T (Tunnelbana) I pet a Spanish Water Dog that was 8months old and he was incredibly soft and super cute! We ended up going for dinner at an Italian place called Da Peppe. Thus ended the night for me and back to the hostel & bed! 


Stockholm had been my favorite place by far out of everywhere I’ve been, yes, even including London! I’ve absolutely loved every minute so far and am hoping to come back before I leave but in a little more milder weather as to see more attractions and the likes, perhaps take a water tour of the city too. I know I’ll be back here again one day, it’s just a matter of when 🙏🏻😍