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This morning we got up about 8:30 to be to the airport by 10:30 for our flight from Berlin, Tegl to Arlanda Stockholm. We decided to get breakfast on the way to the airport instead of eating at the hostel. We had a specific place in mind but when we go to the street we couldn’t quite find it so we ended up going to a local bakery I suppose which was so yummy! I got some sort of pastry that tasted like a shortbread cookie with the consistency of a fluffy croissant almost. The woman who served us didn’t speak English but it was just fine we made it work and she was really nice.   

The plane ride was super short, since it was rather cloudy we obviously couldn’t see much out the window so I napped for the 1.5 hour flight. We took SAS airlines and it was pretty pleasant, the seats had jacket hooks which were neat!  

 Our first adventure once we arrived was to go find some dinner more like linder. We skipped lunch by way of airplane and bus ride into the city. We first stopped at our hostel to recoup and charge our phones. Next we made our way to the information area where we could get tickets for the local transportation. For a three day unlimited pass we paid about $28. This was the smallest pass besides the 24 hour ones which wouldn’t quite do it. Anyway, we decided on going to Meatballs For the People for some genuine Swedish meatballs. We took the underground transportation and only had to walk for a few minutes. In case I haven’t mentioned, the weather here-perfection. It’s about 35-28 F.   

At the restaurant we sat at the bar seating which just so happened to be a window area per our choosing. This was obviously the best choice because the number of dogs here is perfect for me, I’ve pet one Spaniel already and it was so sweet! The food; amazing. I am not a fan of meatballs usually but these, absolutely fantastic! I ordered the linguine with veal meatballs and it was soo good! I also tried Eli’s lamb ones, those were quite good dare I say even better than mine. The atmosphere in this restaurant was awesome, staff were great and they spoke English which was nice.  

 Next on the agenda was to try out a bar that came highly recommended to us. We went to Sjätte Tunnan, aka this super awesome medieval themed bar! The seating was wooden benches and wooden tables with candle lit rooms for the most part, the music is a bit more conventional though classic & 2000’s Rock which I can dig.  


We ended the night with the bar after trying Absinthe which is not on my list of things to drink again. I am not a fan of the black liqorice flavor. It did look pretty though. Anyway, I’ll be exploring Stickholm more today.