Already as I left my building at just about 4 I found a cute little Charles spaniel to pet and he was just so cute and friendly! Today was Tate Modern day since I hadn’t been yet. I made sure to choose a day that it would be open longer so I could maximize my time there.

In the Loeb Gallery, there was a section dedicated to Berns and Hilla Becher who worked together, photographing various structures, always while it was overcast and all were printed as black and white. It was quite interesting to look at the different structures that they photographed and to see how they used the weather to create their ideal images. Out of all of the museums in London this was by far my favorite. I loved the modern pieces, much more so than the renaissance of the National Gallery which I went to probably a good six times!

There were so many pieces that I really enjoyed, too many in fact to name right now since it’s about 1am; I’ll be finishing this blog post tomorrow while I’m at the airport on my way home. Yup, it still hasn’t sunk in yet, I leave tomorrow to go back to the states and I’m so excited to see everyone and my dogs especially!! Until then!