The highlight of my day was going to Bounce for the one of three available farewell dinners. Originally there had been about 18 people on the list for today but then turns out only four of us showed up. It was really quite nice we had a small table and all got to talk to each other and enjoyed some good company! 

I had some minor dilemmas choosing what food to order; did I go with the goat cheese pizza or did I go with the one with mushrooms.. In the end I got the white pizza and we ordered a goat cheese and caramelized onion started bread to share. It worked out rather nicely doing that! Got a little bit of everything that way! 

Dessert was a lemon cheesecake with  lovely plate presentation!! There was a salted caramel brownie option and I do love salted caramel but I had to go with lemon. I was feeling the cheesecake this evening and I’m glad I did, it hit the spot.  After dessert we had a ping pong table for an hour. 

Now let me preface this section with saying I’m not one for hand eye coordination but apparently when I focus enough and don’t flinch it’s not too bad. I managed to only hit myself with the paddle once, when I was trying to fan myself with it, causal. I also only almost hit someone in the face once too! That’s a big deal for me, I have terrible aim if I even hit my target to begin with! Overall we had a really good time and definitely enjoyed ourselves! Until tomorrow!