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Today was my big Family Outreach group presentation for my psych class and it seemed to go really well! We had a really good solid powerpoint with a lot of meat on its bones. Had about 13 slides which took us about 30 minutes to get through, just what we were aiming for–so that worked out well. My portion of the presentation was to look at the guidelines and ethical considerations as well as potential issues that might have arisen.

I consulted the Barnardo’s Policy document which was chock full of strategies for outreach, tons of helpful portions when it came to how to get the right target audeiences, what to do after the first encounter, how to get it right, etc. It was more broad than what we needed specifically but it was good to go through it and pull out the pertinent information which was my job. We also made a poster for the day, and by we I mean Kenzie found a cute little template and made it for us.

Our day was “Five a Day Monday” or some variation on that and our focus was nutrition for Hackney, Southwark, and Tower Hamlet three food deserts in London which low scores on health according to the research Kenzie found. We chose to host our mock even at the large park in Tower Hamlet I believe it was since it was more central to the three together than it would have been at either end I suppose. One of the events I was particularly excited to have on our list was the Family Five a Day 5K. During the run there would have been booths set up with various fruit and veg stations, where families could grab one of their five a day at a fruit and a veg place and then one where the kids could paint their very own reusable produce bags! It was pretty fun to be able to plan a mock even/ make a poster for it. Well I’ve got some papers to write and a debate tomorrow. Until then!