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The big activity of the day was my class debate, our debate topic was “The advent of the digital age has revolutionized popular culture for the better”. My group was tasked to be against this statement. At first we were pretty annoyed at getting the side we did, but then our professor gave us a few helpful hints and ideas of where to start; thus opening the can of worms that was our brainstorming session.

A few of our points that we threw on our google doc included but weren’t limited to;

    • Change your picture for Paris 
    • Warped Sense of reality
    • Bullying & disinhibition
    • TV  & issues relating to CSI, medical shows and more
    • Music and popular sharing websites
    • terrorism and their use of popular medias
    • and more!

The con side’s points were the following and many more;

  • media has allowed for a shareable society so that images can be easily disseminated.
  • More people can get their music out and record labels can see them online — digital age helps the little people get their music art
  • and other good  points as well

Turns out that my side won the debate which I was surprised at. Although we did have a lot of really good points and everyone talked (which was a requirement for the debate, the other one I can remember was to bring in one of the readings for the class discussion which we also did). Overall the debate was really fun and enjoyable, not like the last debate I took part in while here. It may have to do with the people I had on my team and the fact that we had a group chat going on during the debate to try and keep organized and bring up points as we went along. Today was pretty fun and I really felt that I gained a lot from the debate even if both sides were interrupting one another and talking over the other team, it was still fun and enjoyable. Until tomorrow!