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Today marks six days until I leave London and all its splendor. It’s been such a blast having been here for 4.5 months, it doesn’t seem real that I’ll be leaving to go home briefly in less than a week! Just four months ago I was wandering around london not quite getting lost but not entirely knowing where I was going on the tube and now I’ll be leaving to go home to BART and all it’s ahem.. interestingly-quirky passengers. My last five days will hopefully be packed with sightseeing and museums. I’ve got the Tate Modern, more of the Tate Britain if possible, and potentially the Science museum again, if I’ve got time I’d also love to go back to the Museum of London too! So much to see, so little time!

I admit I didn’t see the changing of the gaurd, either of them, and I’m ok with that. It was never something high on my priority list to be quite honest. I would have rather, and did in fact spend hours at museums. I’ve realized being here that I love looking at paintings, I never really had that opportunity back home with so many of them being free here I just couldn’t pass it up!

My day was spent working on my papers, I’ve got one about 85% finished, the other I’ve got to write my ouline, hunker down and write it. Then I also worked on my group project due tomorrow. We’re presenting a family outreach day where we’ve created a program targeting clients who live in food deserts and who may not get enough exercise. Some of the activities that we would have were this real would include but not be limited to:

  1. Family Cooking Classes
  2. Food Pyramid Building (or plate as it is now I believe?)
  3. Interval Training tips and demonstrations
  4. Bounce House for the kids
  5. Fruit& Veg smoothies
  6. A mini farmers market
  7. local football club bootcamp and more!

That’s not the whole list but you get the gist. We just need to finish our power point, create the word document with the day as a ‘flyer’ and find some videos for the presentation and viola. Until then!