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I was both happy and bummed when the BBC Studio tour was cancled, bummed because I was genuinely interested in seeing it, but happy because they offered the Harry Potter Studio tour in its liu whic of course couldn’t say no to. Needless to say at this point but today was that day. Prior to going again though I worked on my essays. Sent a draft to one professor, got my topic ok’d by the other. I’ve got a solid idea of what I’m doing for the both of them. One is half done, the other I’ve got most all of my references for, and I ended up changing the topic from race to britishness. Something a little more interesting at the moment, before I had a lot of ideas relating to race but they were mostly relating to the US context which wouldn’t quite do for this.

We were to meet Hanna at the Euston Station Prett by 4:30 today for getting to the studio tour and I left a little early around 4 so that I could walk there and still have time to pick up some lunch. As per usual I brought my book along, I bring it everywehre I go that includes taking public trasnportation, if I’m not doing something constructie like working on my papers I may as well be reading and enjoying myself.

The train ride to the Wotford Junciton was rather pleasant, I read my book as planned, same for the bus ride to the studio actually. This time instead of taking pictures of every thing I just enojyed being there and really let it all soak in. Unfortunately there wasn’t a surprise waiting for us as we left the great hall, apparently it only happens for dark arts themed times and special occasions. I got my picture of the Malfoy table as well as a few I missed before. There was also the Black Family tapestry that we were able to look at. This time I did the flying experience, it was alright, I’m not one to enjoy seeing msyself being filmed so it was maybe perhaps a little bit awkward.

After that section we made our way to the cafe where I got a hot dog and an ice cream for dinner, the ice cream was awesome as usual. Then since it wasn’t raining out we got to walk through the Hogwarts Bridge! I was super pumped about that since I couldn’t go through it last time! I also got some daytime shots of the Knight Bus and 4 Privet Lane also. Overall today was pretty fun and I really enjoyed the tour even for the second time! Until tomorrow!