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Today started out on the wrong foot, I wore the shoes I’d been stashing away for months now waiting for better weather. Ended up getting bloody blisters and being late to class. Luckily class was rather interesting we had a guest lecturer since our professor had prior obligations. The guest lecturer was rather interesting and very educated we were rather pleased with how he led class. At the end of class we watched a rather interesting documentary about Finland and its school system. We also discussed the US and UK in comparison looking at how the schooling systems are different. Finland seems to take the cake though rating higher than both on the PISA although when China and another country joined the PISA Finland fell to third interestingly enough.

After class I went upstairs to the study area to write my essay for psych, it was better than going to my room where I would just sit there and do nothing productive. I read some of my longer articles and had a nice chat with Hanna as well as a cup of tea, I do enjoy my tea time especially here in London. It’s much more prominent than it is back home. After printing off a groupon and finishing a few articles I headed off to make an appointment. I got a groupon for the Nail Candy place and figured I should probably make my appointment before I forgot and ran out of time.

 It was a pleasant day out so I walked to the place after making a pit stop at my room to change shoes and into something more suitable for walking (I’d worn a dress today so I figured shorts would be more comfortable). I also happened upon people handing out yogurt so I got some and was surprised when they handed me two. I ate the peach one for a midday snack and saved the blueberry one for Devon since I didn’t need both of them.After setting up my nail appointment I made my way over to the Tate Britain. I got there an hour before closing and still had time for a fair amount. Some notable paintings that I really enjoyed included;

  1. John Everett Millais’ Ophelia
  2. John William Waterhouse’s The Lady of Shalott
  3. JMW Turner’s Caligula’s Palace and Bridge 
  4. Thomas Gainsborough’s Giovanna Baccelli
  5. Samuel Scott’s Admiral Anson’s Action Off Cape Finisterre

The building itself was rather interesting as well, the iconic staircase was quite fun to see in person!  I was also able to go into the Conceptual Art gallery even with only 30 minutes left until closing! I was pretty lucky that the person let me in I wasn’t expecting that when I asked. Some notable pieces I saw included but weren’t limited to;

  1. A Sand pile,
  2. Turf circle by Richard Long Born,
  3. Soul City (Pyramid of Oranges) of which the patrons to the museum were invited to take an orange off of the top of the pile so I did end up taking one. I later gave it away to a woman sitting on the sidewalk who was asking for money but did accept the orange instead.
  4. Secret Painting  with “The content of this painting is invisible; the character and dimension of the content are to be kept permanently secret, K on only to the artist.” written next to it, by Mel Ramsden
  5.  Art as an act of retraction; an artist eating his own words Keith Arnatt,
  6. Self Burial Keith again: oddly enough, the images were broadcast on German television on screen for 2.5 seconds each 9 images total from not buried at all to completely gone.
  7. Conrad Atkinson’s Northern Ireland; a quote from this being “I lay awake all night. I lay in horror, afraid and sobbing. I heard cries of fear and shouts all around me. I thought of my friends out of the next street. Would any of them be killed? Would they be burned out?” 11 year old girl Belfast another quote being “Northern Ireland has a problem for every solution” Anon. This was probably the most interesting art piece to me considering its focus on the conflict in Northern Ireland. It depicted both sides of the conflict which I also found really interesting; civilians, paramilitary, and British soldiers.

After the Conceptual Art gallery I headed out debating between going to the Tate Modern or going back to work more on my paper. Hunger won out and I went back to my room to make dinner and continue my productivity by working more on my paper. I had another egg& grilled cheese sandwich (my favorite), with a carrot and a dark chocolate digestive for a mid cooking snack. I also stopped at the grocery store and picked up some more cereal and a few other items prior to cooking. Thus after eating, working on my paper, reading and talking to my boyfriend I ended my day. Until tomorrow! I’ve got a lot to look forward to, going to the Harry Potter studio tour again, I can’t wait!