On the way back from class today I saw a nice blue Lambo-like Beamer. It was sleek, and gorgeous. Today was presentation day again, we had three groups present on race seeing as it was this week’s theme. One group talked about race in the UK, another about race in James Bond films and the third talked about race in Harry Potter (and spun that off to include speciesism with the house elves, goblins and centaurs etc). They were all pretty interesting presentations but the Harry Potter one resonated the most with me, gotta love that franchise!

The field trip today for my psych class was to the Children’s V&A right next to Bethnal Green on the central line. The museum itself wasn’t as large as I was expecting nor did it have what I thought it would have. For some reason I was expecting it to be like the Science Museum which it definitely wasn’t. It had minimal interactive portions but rather it showcases its massive collection behind glass cases. I was expecting hugely interactive exhibits and more aimed at children rather than being text heavy. There was a large portion on the exportation of children from Britain to its commonwealths. Along with that there was also a small portion on the orphan trains of the United States which I thought a little odd. The rest of the museum namely the ground floor was objects of all sorts behind glass. Everything from children’s clothes to toys, doll houses in particular, and a variety of old as well as newish toys at that.

One entertainment piece I found interesting was the Punch & Judy set. It even had its uh interesting “black face” doll in the corner behind Punch and Judy. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that one. The man hit the woman with the stick and they bickered and that was entertainment, not only that but their sex jokes and “token ‘black’ person” was also offensively involved too.

Once we left the museum I made my way over to Beigel Bake for one last bagel before I left. I’ve got to prioritize the rest of my time, namely going to the Tate Modern. I got their Hot Salt Beef with mustard and pickles on a bagel; amazing as always! The last time I’d gotten one before was while my grandmother was here and it was just as excellent now as it was then!

On my two mile walk back I passed some mounted policemen, I really enjoy seeing them since I don’t ever see that sort of thing back where I’m from in the states. I also saw a building that I took a picture of on my first excursion to Beigel Bake which didn’t survive since my phone died, so I remedied that. I again passed the Banksy Art of the helicopters and more of the same street art that is in Shoreditch it was rather lovely walking. The weather was quite pleasant if just a tad warm for my liking. Overall today was a really good day. I worked on my essays, got a nap in, read some of my book and played league all after getting back. Pretty productive day! Until tomorrow! I’m looking forwards to our guest lecturer for my psych class.