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Today is the only day I get to sleep in as much as I want and I usually take advantage of it. Today I slept in until 12pm after going to bed around 1am or so, it was quite nice. The fire alarm didn’t even go off today to wake me up at 11 or 10:57 as it usually does, nor was there construction noise, quite the morning! After waking up I made myself some food and read my book for a while, you know, relaxing things. I didn’t really have any plans today except for working on my two final essays.

I did just that, choosing a topic for each of my essays and for the one I made an outline and got it looked over by the professor. I chose to write on Piaget and how his theory contributed to our understanding of child development, in relation to the stages; also including pros and cons for his theory. I added a little comparing and contrasting portion to tie it all together–that itself was another essay topic as a whole so I just took a small piece of that one to tie into mine. After doing that I read more, so far I’m enjoying The Alloy of Law it’s not the same as the Mistborn which I wasn’t anticipating it would be yet I still wanted the old books back.

After that my day was just lazing about, playing League, and looking up sources. The other topic I’m choosing to write on will be race. I’ve yet to formulate how I want to articulate it though so I’ve got some work cut out for myself there. Until tomorrow! Looking forward to a field trip to the V&A Children’s Museum.