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The highlight of my day so far has been going to Waterstones to use my gift card I received from CIEE. A few weeks back we had a ‘rock wall climbing competition’ it was at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the wall was that of a child’s climbing wall but nonetheless it was fun. I finally had a spare moment and the gift card on my person so I decided that today I would go and buy my books. I just yesterday finished my latest  purchase made in Dublin so I figured I may as well continue the trend and finish out this semester with a few more books under my belt. My latest book was Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson (my favorite books of his were the Mistborn trilogy by the way) and I tried to make it last as long as I could since I’d forgotten about my gift card. I continued my Sanderson binge and purchased a novel in the same world as just a bit after the Mistborn triology; The Alloy of Law (super excited to read that one), and then Elantris. Pretty excited to read these, I hope they’ll last me two weeks, if not I’ve got my backup book for the plane back to the States!

My first class today was pretty good I hadn’t quite finished the readings yet  but we did discuss them which was rather nice. We talked about race, white privilege, popular culture, and hegemony again. Race was our main topic as it will be throughout this week; we tried to dissect it, to figure out what exactly it is or think it is. We discussed white privilege in terms of race, and how its ok to have it but it needs to be acknowledged rather than just accepted as is. Once a person with white privilege can recognize it steps can be made to lessen its affects or to actively fight against it in relation to helping others. This was one subject that I was fortunate enough to discuss my freshman year of college being at a lovely liberal college.

My second class for the day was also pretty interesting, we discussed parenting styles and how they related to children and the media. Within that we also looked at LGBT/ BME parents and how they are represented if at all in the media. Our only solid example of LGBT parents in media that we the students thought of was the pair of gay fathers in Modern Family. Other than that we didn’t have many examples from the media or pop culture. We even talked about tv commercials and how when they incorporate LGBT couples they are usually pulled by the company after complaints. Just a rough overview of my class today, we did cover much more those were just the topics we stayed on for a little longer. Tomorrow I look forward to a field trip, a leader group discussing my readings for my first class and then a group of chefs that are guest speaking for us! Until then!