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Today was a field trip day to the Hunterian Museum in London. It was really quiet interesting, something like the Gordon museum but more open to the public and less strictly sciencey. The first specimens we saw when we first walked in were a spinal cord and nerves, arteries, and then veins all pasted onto wooden boards. This was really quite remarkable considering the date which now escapes me as does the name of the small collection itself! Next we were rounded up by one of the staff members for a short introduction to the museum itself and a quick highlight of a few specimens in particular. The first specimen he pointed out was that of an aneurysm of a leg of which Hunter was the first person to perform surgery successfully; I believe it was said that the patient outlived Hunter by some 20 years after his surgery! The next specimen that he pointed out was that of a tumor which had been cut off of someones face, it weighed more than 4kg which is quite a bit considering! Apparently the time Hunter took on the surgery was only 25 minutes a quarter of the time our guide pointed out he had done his surgeries of facial tumors–a quarter of the size it should be noted! Thus ended our mini introduction and guided portion.One of the other notable pieces in the museum is the skeleton of the “Irish Giant” as he was called since he was from Ireland. He stood around 7 foot 4 or so but the people claimed he was over eight feet tall interestingly enough. There weren’t many pieces focusing on children in this museum but we did see a few fetal skeletons sadly. We also saw some casts of children with club foot and other foot deformities. Overall it was a pretty interesting museum and full of delicately preserved specimens, interesting depictions and even some pieces on loan from the Gordon Museum of Pathology to boot!

After we left and while on the walk back we came across an ice cream truck which was just what I was looking for–the ice cream anyway, not the truck. I got a lemon ice ice cream in a cone, just what I wanted especially since it was either lemon or the Nutella gelato last I had an ice cream and I went Nutella. The walk was quite pleasant minus having a long sleeve shirt on, I did manage to get the shorts right though. It was nearly 70 degrees out today which was very pleasant! I also had to pet a dog as per my daily doggie dose; this one was a long haired dachshund who was very much so preoccupied with squirrel hunting to say hello longer than she needed to! After getting back to my room I proceeded to finish up my presentation that’s due in less than 24 hours and got some relaxation time in as well. Until tomorrow!