My presentation today went a little short on time but I made up for it by starting a discussion with the other students and the professor. This was my last assignment before going off to Cardiff! Cardiff is the newest capital city in the UK if not the world is what we were told which is rather interesting! We depart at 7:30 which is rather pleasant since we usually leave at 6 or so. We also get to go by train which will be quite nice I’ve liked the trains I’ve taken so far especially since we don’t have as many trains in the States.
I was pretty excited for this trip to begin with and I purposefully didn’t go because I knew we’d be going with the program. We also get to go to Wales’s “Skansen” the St Fagans National Museum where we’re tasked with looking for the coffin drop–reminiscent of the murder hole so I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! The next day we also get the chance to go to the Cardiff castle as an optional thing Sunday morning; I’m all for the extra fun things so I’ll probably be going to see that! The city itself used to be more agriculture but has since switched to service industry. 

Some fun facts; welsh is the aboriginal language, preceding English even which I hadn’t known before. I’m also told that Cardiff is not quite so diverse as London so that’ll be interesting to see the difference. No surprise though, there are still some good social lives to be had in Cardiff as in London I.e. Some good pub life. On the walk back to my room I stopped to pet a cute puppy who apparently decided that he didn’t get enough pets and he was trying to stick around for a bit while his owner wanted to continue their walk. The first real stop on the walk back was for the Butrito Cafe where I’ve been obsessing over their quesadillas, they’re too good! Plus I get the large and it’s enough for two meals so it’s a win win. 

I’m really looking forward to this trip and will update more tomorrow! Until then!

PS: After the last section of classes ended we lost our brooms; we suspect someone who left had it in their room unfortunately. We got a new pair and I luckily happened upon them today and made use, not like I’d been asking for one for a few months now or anything.