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Class was a bit long today, when we have our four hour sessions we’re only supposed to be in class for three of those four hours. Something about how the four hour sessions are meant for field trips and the half hour on each side is meant for travel. Anyhow, we had a good discussion and watched some movie clips which was pretty interesting I suppose. We also had our third discussion group leaders who talked us through the readings for this week as well as sexuality which is the topic for this week.

The discussion group focused on the Butler readings today which followed out class discussion. We talked about how some people call for gender neutral, but how do we do that in every day, or sports for example? Do we classify people based on weight or by age, or keep sports separated by gender, by a biological gender though, or as people identify themselves? The questions we discussed were really quite interesting and we don’t have all of the answers but that didn’t mean that we couldn’t talk about them. They ended with the intro for the Ted Talk: Fifty Shads of Gay  and talking about Ruby Rose as someone who is gender fluid.

Overall class was pretty interesting and full of good questions and discussion! Until tomorrow! Tomorrow is the Globe and A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I can’t wait to see it there!