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So the UK-and other places of course-have these things called Bank Holidays. They’re quite fantastic really. We’ve had two in a matter of a months time which was fun. Had a long Easter weekend and another bank holiday then this one! Plus I took a long weekend anyway and left for Dublin on Thursday this past week, I’ve had it good and relaxing!

Today I was pretty productive as well, worked on my midterm, turned in another assignment and then worked on my presentation due either Thursday or Friday–I’ll figure it out sooner rather than later. It’ll be a fun presentation, I’ve chosen the Nature vs Nurture debate and its got lots to look at! Besides just sleeping as soon as I got back from the airport at about 9 until about 2pm I did the homework and had a nice dinner at Mildred’s. It’s pretty up there on my list of places I like to eat.

Tonight at Mildred’s I got the pumpkin, ricotta and sage tortelloni with wild mushrooms, marsala cream sauce. It was delicious! Devon got the pasta of the day, a butternut squash sauce with linguine I believe it was and then a side of sweet potato fries. For dessert I got the tiramisu and Devon got the ore smoothie that I highly recommended! This was most definitely the highlight of my day since the food was soo good! Well until tomorrow when I return to the grind of class!