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We made it to Blarney Castle in just about 15 minutes from Cork which was pretty nice. The first thing we did after getting into the gardens was to head to kiss the stone because that was the thing we couldn’t miss if we hadn’t enough time. Anyway the gardens were absolutely perfect and so was the weather that day! The walk to the castle itself was beautiful, full of green grass, blooming flowers and trees as well as a gorgeous river and creek.

Once we got to the castle we went up to to the stone, up some lovely tiny stairs that were just a little hazardous. There weren’t too many people in line luckily for so we got up to the stone in about 30 minutes going through the castle itself. The line up and the way back down were as exciting combined as getting to kiss the stone was itself. To kiss the stone you had to lay on your back, hold onto the metal bars on either side and lean back. Fortunately for all of the people there myself included there was a guy who was there to hold you and make sure you didn’t fall or do anything too exciting! On the way down we found the Murder Hole, a hole in the floor right above the entrance to the castle and next to the guard room. It was just in case people needed to  dispatch of any intruders who may have gotten past the first round of defenses. It was mentioned that they could pour boiling water down the hole, shoot arrows or throw rocks, you get the point.

The castle itself was really cool as were the entire grounds to be quite honest. I really enjoyed the poison garden as well it had some super interesting plants. I found it funny that they had a cannabis plant under their poison category. There were also some other plants I appreciated such as the Mandragora officinarum aka Mandrake plant; and yes they did reference Harry Potter for any fans out there. There was also Wolfsbane, Nightshade and Wormwood amongst other poisonous plants. In case you can’t tell this section really impressed me! After the poison garden we went to check out the old Stable Yard which no unfortunately did not have any horses in its present state. It was however a lovely place to sit grab a bite to eat and perhaps a trinket or two.

After the Stable Yard we had to head back to the bus since we were quickly running out of time. Nicole grabbed a bite to eat at the nearby Insomnia while I ran to the restroom and made friends with a cute Shitztsu and her owners. We had a pleasant chat, their son had gone to Stanford for research and another child was in New York so they were quite the international family! The bus ride back was pretty pleasant, I napped for some time and then read my newly acquired book; one of my favorite authors Brandon Sanderson and his novel Warbreaker.

After getting back to Dublin we headed to The Foggy Dew where I got some fish& chips as per Nicole’s suggestion; sorry London, I think these were the best fish& chips I’ve had while I’ve been abroad. We also stopped at a bakery and I got myself a little Nutelloto treat, don’t ask me what it was exactly I couldn’t tell you but it was delicious and that’s what matters right? After dinner we headed back to the housing and hit the hay after such a long day and thus ended my Cork & Blarney adventures! Until tomorrow!