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Today began with taking the bus into the city center. We started off on Grafton Street to check out the main shopping area with the tourist souvenir shops and so much more. From there we want to St Steven’s Green a lovely park where we sat and finished the food we’d gotten. We had stopped at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe and I got a chocolate milkshake and a complementary chocolate piece! I chose the Baileys Cremé because why not! We also stopped at Dolce Sicily for breakfast or brunch I suppose I got a slice of the Ricotta and Nutella pie thing. It was amazing!!

In the park I happened to cross paths with two cute dogs and of course had to pet them! One of them was a rescue dog and the other was from the pound as I understood it. Apparently one of them usually barked at people but she apparently liked me because she didn’t bark and she was super friendly which the owner made a comment about, you can call me the dog whisperer now. After St Stevens park we meandered over to Trinity College to check out the campus and the cool globe thing that’s so iconic. We took Dame Street (the Main Street in Dublin) to get to Yamamori for lunch, both Nicole and I got ramen which was super good! I got the chicken, prawns and tofu one and Nicole got the chicken one minus the tofu since that’s not her favorite. I contemplated getting a cocktail but I decided to hold off until later if we went out at all. They did have a good selection of sours though including my recent favorite whiskey sour!  After lunch we went too candy store and the Christ Church to check it out as well as perusing the souvenir shops we passed. I didn’t find a ton of things I was super interested in at the candy store but I did find gobstoppers! We also happened to pass the Dublin Castle which we briefly looked at and of course had to stop in the gift shop to see their wares. From the castle we went to the Temple Bar to check that out as well and then we made our way to the Ha’penny Bridge and once again just dawdled around stoping in stores as we saw fit. After crossing the river again we found a book store and of course me being a book worm couldn’t resist and bought a book–to be fair I’d already finished my last two books from not even three weeks ago so it was time for a new one to read!!

After the book store we went back across the river to find the gelato place we’d seen before with the cool seats. Gino’s Gelato was pretty good. I sampled the Nutella and white Nutella as well as the cookies flavor and I ended up going with the white Nutella which was perfect! We hung out there for a little bit while we ate our gelato. Afterwards we made our way to a nearby church where we are getting picked up for our tour tomorrow to make sure we had the address correct which we did. From here we decided to head to the boxing match a little early since we didn’t have anywhere else to go in the meantime. I’ve never been to any kind of fight before so it was interesting to have the opportunity to go to a college boxing match. While waiting for the matches to start I was given the recommendation to listen to uillean pipes (spelling?) an Irish version of bagpipes more or less which may have come first? Used in traditional Irish music apparently. The boxing matches were interesting. I’m not the biggest fan of fighting sports but as far as they go this wasn’t too bad, only one bloody nose I think. The friend we went to watch didn’t win unfortunately which confused me since I thought she’d been doing better, but I guess that shows how little I know about boxing! It was all pretty interesting though and nothing too cringe worthy on my intolerance for violence scale fortunately.

After the match we caught a bus back to Nicole’s campus and got ready for bed, Cork and the Blarney Stone tomorrow!