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I’ve been preparing for a presentation due tomorrow for a few days now so once I present that I’ll be able to enjoy my weekend. I watched RENT and Kinky Boots and am comparing the two on the grounds of gender, sexuality and articulation of the two looking specifically at Angel and Lola. If you haven’t seen either of the two plays or their movie versions, I do recommend you get on that, they’re on US Netflix in case you didn’t know where to look!

Angel and Lola are the two characters that dress in drag throughout the movies. Lola is a drag queen and performs in a club versus Angel who dresses in drag and doesn’t perform in a club yet performs for his friends casually. Both of these plays/ movies are pretty interesting one being set in London/ North Hampton and the other in New York.

Enough of class talk though after tomorrow afternoon I’m home free, off to enjoy my time in Dublin! I was able to host my friend Nicole who is also studying abroad and now she’s returning the favor by hosting me in Dublin while I explore the city and hang out for the weekend. I’m super excited to see the Blarney Stone and Cork especially, I also hope to go in door rock climbing if the chance arises, haven’t been able to do that indoors our out for a few months now! Well, until tomorrow when I get to escape for the last time until Cardiff!
PS: I’m proud of myself I made a cute mini fishtail braid without looking or knowing it was turning out right until the end (I’m rather terrible at braiding my own hair unless it’s the usual boring braid)!  And dinner turned it quite noms today!