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I had the pleasure of watching an episode of Sherlock Holmes today in class (sorry I said movie in the title, you’ll survive, I hope). This followed a lively discussion of our readings for this week. We looked at the topics of the male gaze, scopophilia, and the castrated woman as I may have mentioned the other day.

Discussion also brought up the female gaze and whether or not it is viable in popular culture films or if it’s not catered to. One example the discussion leaders brought up was Magic Mike XXL, I haven’t seen that movie so I wasn’t entirely familiar with it except that well stripping men is pretty much the plot or so I heard. We saw a scene where Channing Tatum was just doing some work for a project or something and all of the sudden broke out into what looked like a striped routine but since I haven’t seen it I can’t confirm that. Anyways the point being that it was clearly a movie for women, no male gaze here, just the female gaze objectifying the men. To go along with that not many movies and tv shows are made for the female gaze bringing up more discussion, what exactly is the female gaze and is it as solidly defined as the male gaze?

The Sherlock episode we watched was Scandal in Belgravia based on Scandal in Bohemia by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was the first episode of the second season if I was told correctly, running at about an hour and a half in total. I was pretty confused throughout the episode especially the beginning and what Irene had to do with Sherlock even. It was a pretty good show, one I haven’t seen before but I may perhaps watch more now. Irene was the main woman who so happened to be a dominantrix. Our purpose was to watch the episode and see how we reacted based on what we had discussed prior. I found it interesting, having discussed the male gaze, scopophilia, and female castration. Well enough for discussing today, until tomorrow!

Dinner tonight was prety tasty