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Monday was a Monday. The usual monotonous day which we all love to hate, or do we? I had my two classes today with a two hour break in between them as per my usual. I used the time to sorta work on a few assignments and discuss the impending Game of Thrones viewing that was to be tonight with a classmate. We thought that it wasn’t going to be an easy task but found it to be on HBO which we could access!

My gender class got heated today discussing women, femininity, masculinity, and women’s/men’s roles amongst other themes. As it turns out we didn’t even finish half of the lecture since people were so verbose today. It was a good discussion though in which most every person participated at least once. We touched on the “domestic woman” and the “Femme Fatale” character; the two roles that women fit into more or less as deemed by popular culture.

Unfortunately my next class wasn’t as enthralling, we watched a lecture about children and families during the British Industrial Era and economics of it all. I almost fell a sleep during the more economic heavy parts sadly.. It was a long and somewhat dry lecture discussing more math than I was prepared for in ways that I wasn’t so much interested in, plus it didn’t help that the lights were off and I was drowsy in general. The discussion and powerpoint afterwards was much more stimulating and thought provoking which I enjoyed. Some high points of the dry lecture that we watched was being able to hear first person accounts of what it was like to be a child during that time and then having the written accounts of children who worked or whose families endured it all. That was particularly enlightening and the part that I wasn’t having trouble staying awake for!

After class I got back to my room to meet up with my partner for my presentation Thursday, we got that all set up and our parts squared away so I’m feeling pretty good about how it’ll go. After that it was dinner and Game of Thrones time. This sixth season was much anticipated, don’t worry no spoilers here (if you haven’t seen it for some reason, you should probably get on that before social media spoils something). It was an interesting episode, I’m still not quite sure what to think of it but yet again I’m anticipating the next episode. I’m looking forward to tomorrow an interesting discussion in my gender class. Also had a good little treat before bed, this magical thing called Digestives by McVities, and I got the Dark Chocolate kind this time, amazing.

Oddly enough these have nothing to do eith digestion, they’re just delicious cookies.