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Today was Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary of his death. To celebrate it the South Bank area was more or less taken over by Shakespeare revelry. The main event comprises of all 37 different plays that Shakespeare wrote playing in 10 minute segments. It was rather interesting to see plays being performed in just 10 minutes.I saw a number of the short videos but not anywhere close to all 37. Some I would have skipped willingly others I had wanted to see. There were technical difficulties as it was so the choice was made for us at a number of locations. It just so happens that Obama was checking out the Globe so the techs or anyone else for that matter couldn’t access the area for a good while. They had the rest of today and all of tomorrow for fixing the tv’s or whatever issue it really was.

At some point we took a little bit of time to grab some food, I ended up getting a crepe. It was chicken, thyme and mushrooms. IMG_9656

The plays I needed to see where A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night as well as Romeo and Juliette of course! Lucky for me the ones I just couldn’t miss were indeed on and working just fine! In addition to the screens in general I got to explore more of London. Saw more of the south bank in those few hours than I have in a few days! I also saw the Millenium Bridge and the Tate Modern which I’ll be going to shortly. Tomorrow I’ve got the London Marathon to check out so I’ll be going to bed now otherwise I’ll be a bit tired. Until then! (Pictures from today will be up tomorrow)