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Yesterday for class we had a field trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum. We were to look at the Fashion, Photography and Theater sections. Two of which I didn’t even realize were in the museum by the way, I’d never managed to find the photography or the theater section before!

The fashion section I’d seen before, it was still interesting to see it again though. This time I looked at it through the lens of academia. Our worksheet asked us to look at the objects presented in the exhibition and to delve deeper. What type of clothing was represented, by whom was it worn, etc. The clothes represented the upper elite class. Posh outfits, designer labels and exquisite designs. The discussion afterwards was on who chooses to exhibit certain things and depict them as one thing? Perhaps people in power, perhaps people decided to showcase the best of the clothes found and worn in London.

Photography was the next section we went to. It was rather risque for what I was expecting but not in a bad way. It was still art in its own right just not what I was necessarily used to. I particularly liked the pieces where the photographers used distortion to change the photographs. It was interesting to see how they changed the photograph to suit their needs at the moment.

The theater section was my favorite by far. It covered plays from the Phantom of the Opera to the Lion King. Included backstage info, models of theaters in London and elsewhere and so much more! We saw costumes from War Horse, Phantom, Antony & Cleopatra (acted by Judi Dench at one point) and The Producers among many more that I can’t name. I particularly liked the model of the Shakespeare Globe which I’ll be going to later on–I’m pretty stoked for that! Towards the end of the exhibition we also saw some posters including an original Sex Pistol one which was pretty interesting.


Judi Dench’s costume for Antony & Cleopatra


Costumes from Chicago


Showgirl as Valkyrie in The Producers


Tutu for Bugaku; a ballet inspired by ancient Japanese court music

All in all this trip was rather fun and our discussion afterwards was enlightening when I could hear what was being said. Until tomorrow! We’ll be watching Kingsmen in class in relation to British culture and I’m super pumped as is the rest of the class, its’ a pretty entertaining movie.