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As I chose to end my college career (or at least my Bachelors anyway) studying abroad it seems weird that in just five more weeks now I’ll be a graduate. It won’t be in Minnesota at my home school that I’ll be finishing but rather in a whole other country. My last two classes are British Theater and then Gender, Race, Sexuality and Pop Culture. Both of which are classes I haven’t taken before and nor would they be classes I would have had the chance to take back at my school. I’m quite looking forward to my last round of classes as they’re really quite interesting and new to me.

Today in class we discussed briefly what culture was, tried to define it and spent some time watching an interesting documentary. The documentary was about Britain’s Popular culture more or less and it had all sorts of people, places, themes, things, etc. Some of the major places in the documentary were Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament. Some of the people in the documentary were musicians such as the Beatles and the Sex Pistols; other people were the royal family, Princess Diana, The Queen herself. It was quite interesting to watch this documentary and be thinking about these things all the while. We didn’t finish the documentary unfortunately but we may yet. After class ended I made my way to my accommodations.

Lunch was a very pleasant one at Mildred’s with my grandmother. I ordered the mushroom and ale pie with mushy peas and chips which she ordered the special of the day of fettuccine pasta with curried butternut squash sauce. They were both amazing!! I loved my dish with all the mushrooms! I also ordered the Oreo smoothie, mind you I’m not the biggest Oreo fan but this smoothie–amazing. After dinner we felt pretty satisfied and with the weather being so bleak we decided to call it a night and just relaxed in the room instead of venturing out to the Tate. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll do something exciting like go to a program organized by Hanna! Until then!