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Today my grandmother and I ended up going to the Portobello Market, we hadn’t initially planned on going but it fit perfectly. I actually hadn’t even made up a plan for today as I was going to improvise. I had yet to go to a big market in London and this was rather fun. My first priority was food; we had left first thing after waking up and getting ready. I found a number of tempting food stalls but went for one that had a mushroom tart and a spinach quiche (although I may have called them both quiche in my snap?). They were both delicious, I ate the tart and my grandmother had part of the quiche.

There were also a number of dogs around which I thoroughly enjoyed, I pet no less than five probably. The cutest one which I didn’t pet however was a totally adorable black Pomeranian, his owner was holding him since it was pretty chilly out and he seemed quite content to be comfortably ensconced within her jacket. While at the market I wasn’t looking for anything in particular just looking around to see what there was. I came across something I thought would work quite well for a souvenir for a friend back home and picked one up which was nice. I also found a pair of earrings since my last acquisition decided to break and the pair I brought with me turned my ears green so into the trash they went. I also found a ring to replace the one I had which also turned my skin colors–I have a habit of picking inadequate quality jewelry apparently although that’s been wearing off lately.

 The other food items we got included some apricots, a chocolate filled doughnut, an apricot danish and a salted caramel brownie. I was quite content to wander the stalls and buy food here and there as I saw fit. Amongst the wanderings I pet another cute pup this one had a jacket on to keep warm, and he also decided to plop down and lean on me as I pet him, it was quite cute.

After heading back to the room to nap/ relax we decided to check out Buckingham Palace (my 5th/6th time there now?) and some other things like Big Ben, that sort of stuff. We took the tube to Green Park and walked through Green Park to Buckingham Palace. It was a gorgeous day out even if it was a little chilly! The sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy having already rained earlier in the day. We also noticed a helicopter hovering a little ways away as well as about 10 police vans right on the main thoroughfare in front of Buckingham Palace that all took off at the same time. It seemed quite peculiar that there were so many in one place all going towards the direction of the helicopter who had later been joined by a second one. From Buckingham Palace we walked through the gardens until we came to the Churchill War Rooms where we walked to get to Parliament Street. Then we did the usual tourist stop at Big Ben and at the red telephone booths. I was watching a family take some photos of Big Ben and a police officer leaned over to casually photobomb their picture, grinning all the while. I then of course had to ask for a similar picture except this time less candid I suppose. 

 Dinner was at the Red Lion on Parliament Street right by Big Ben. I had seen it before but hadn’t ever stopped to check it out. Turns out it was delicious; had meat pies, ale, or cider as I ordered and was perfect to finish off the evening. My grandmother ordered a warm chicken salad with cranberry, spinach, and roasted  butternut squash. My steak pie came with chips and a delicious mixture of green vegetables; it may have been my favorite thing on the plate were it not for my love of mushrooms and steak pie! After dinner we had planned to see a movie at a theater nearby but as it turned out we didn’t quite make it back in time so we ended the evening looking at the photos of today. Until tomorrow when I’ll hopefully get to see the Matisse to Monet exhibition at the Royal Academy!