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Class was rather long today for the first session, we had quite a bit of information given to us as it was. In reality though, class ended early and we really didn’t need to take notes since most of what was said was off of power points or discussion questions which was nice. The classes for this block are British Theater and Gender and Sexuality. I’m quite excited to see all of the plays that are on the list for the next five weeks! For my Gender class I’ve got no idea what to expect but it should be interesting nonetheless.

After class I went to lunch with my grandmother; we went to O’Neil’s pub. I got a mixed grilled burger (I think that’s what it was called anyway?) and she got a bacon, lettuce and tomato wrap. The burger was huge, I regrettably didn’t finish it; it had a beef patty, sausage, pork, chicken, an egg and a mushroom (plus a leaf of lettuce). I did however eat most all of the chicken, pork and sausage as well as the egg and my favorite, the mushroom. After eating we sat and talked for a while since I was still super full and felt a little lethargic and sleepy as well, the usual after scarfing lunch down I suppose.

Mixed grill burger, and BLT wrap

 From lunch we made our way to the Saatchi Gallery since I heard good things about it. Turns out the only way in is to buy tickets to see the Rolling Stones Exhibition, unfortunately for us we aren’t big fans of them and therefore did not end up going in. We did however see the cool little sculptures outside and snap a few pics of those–counts for something right? Next we meandered on down the road until my GPS caught up with us and figured out the way to the Victoria and Albert. That was one of the museums I had really wanted my grandmother to experience so it worked out really well today. On our walk over I saw many a pretty car; a Rolls Royce, a beautiful Audi and a few Bentley’s and some Maserati’s, you know the usual for London.


Sleek Audi that I appreciated looking at

Our time was spent looking at the gallery directly to the right of the main entrance and then the area with the molds of other works of art, as well as the contemporary glass and the architecture section. We didn’t get to see all of the museum of course but it was already more than I likely saw last time I went (which seemed like a lot, but looking back this museum is huge!!). I have yet to see even half of it likely.

My favorite pieces we saw today were the giant staircase and the wooden house frame dating back to 1599. I also loved the glass area, I’m a sucker for some prettily-colorful pieces. The staircase was rather remarkable in that it was four stories high, and was rather fully intact! Similarly, the wooden house frame was also in rather remarkable condition! It was so interesting to look at those two pieces in particular and know that they’re pretty old, still look as if they were almost new and hadn’t crumbled to dust by any means yet!

Awesome staircase at the V&A


Beautiful wooden house frame dating back to 1599

Out of the glass pieces my favorites were the brightest ones of course.


We made our way to Baker street to find us some good Fish & Chips. We ended up eating at Holmes Fish & Chips; my grandmother got the haddock and I got a chicken &mushroom (what a surprise there, huh?) meat pie. Prior to dinner though I ended up getting a little pre dinner snack of a chocolate muffin from Patisserie Valerie. It was pretty darn good. We also ended up getting some salted caramel truffles for later, fantastic!

After dinner we walked over to Regent’s Park and spent some time walking the grounds. I found two Shitzu dogs one who was just a puppy and the other who was older. They were literally twins (or would have been had they been the same age, it was wonderful)!! I also found this sign below detailing how there are hedgehogs at the park.. :O Well, I’ve had a lovely day, I hope you have (or will have) too!! Until tomorrow! I’ve got more museums on the list for the evening!