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We started out going to Covent Garden, the market there and then making a stop at Laduree. We ended up getting coffee, chestnut, salted caramel and rose macaroons, delish! We looked at the people’s tables selling their crafts at the market and made our way to St Paul’s church to check it and the gardens around it out. I tried to make friends with St Paul’s resident cat friend but it was more interested in checking out what was going on outside then coming back inside to notice.

Just had to stop at Laduree in Covent Garden ❤


St Paul’s church cat? Wasn’t so keen on being pet, he had much more important things to check out/ see!


Custard filled pastry from China Town

A we walked over to Leicester Square we passed Hugh’s gallery and had a good time looking at photographs of Banksy’s work. The worker there made reference to Game of Thrones in relation to London that I thought quite accurate! London= kings landing (aka the most important city in the land), the surrounding area inside m25 = the wall and everything else = the North. I rather enjoyed that reference and in relation to London it makes perfect sense (even if people might not always agree on London being the center of the UK as far as activity).

Following our walk into and past Hugh’s Gallery we made it to Leicester square. We checked out the Shakespeare statue, it was taken over by a pair of cute ducks. The male was taking a dive searching for some food and the female was relaxed sitting on the side of the fountain looking at her mate. We happened to go and look at the ticket booth selling tickets for plays and bought some for  Mouse trap £45 total which wasn’t too bad, now to see where our seats will be! Hope we don’t need binoculars to see the play.

It’s happening; going to see Mouse Trap tomorrow!

 From Leicester Square we walked over to the gate in China Town so I could show my grandmother and then made our way to the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. We sat the likes of Monet, Van Gogh, Turner, Seurat, Vermeer and many more. Most all of which I had seen before but not so much that I couldn’t appreciate them again and again!

We then headed to the Cafe in the crypt for some lunch, we both got soup myself the chicken and broth then my grandmother the leek and potato and then shared an apple crumble. Since the weather was a little less than optimal we decided to head back to the room and rest before dinner. I was also pretty wiped out from our whirlwind day of travel and not having slept much the night before!

 Dinner was at Golden Union for fish and chips, I also got a milkshake and we ordered a side of mushy peas. I couldn’t quite finish the peas so we got a to-go box and I put the fries in so it wouldn’t look so silly. People don’t usually take a big box of just leftover mushy peas home, I’ll just crisp the fries later, or not! Thus ended our night and day one of sightseeing in London. Until tomorrow when we get to meet up with family friends from back home!


Tea for my grandmother and a chocolate milkshake for myself, pretty darn good if I do say so myself. 

PS: National Pet Day? My fluffers are the best 👌🏻👏🏻

Willie intruding Harry Potter’s bed, the usual.