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Today was our travel day, we flew from Reykjavik to Oslo then on to Heathrow to end our vacation. We saw Prague in the Czech Republic, Vienna in Austria, Copenhagen in Denmark and then a fair bit of Iceland with our base being Reykjavik. This has been a wonderful experience with each location bringing something new to the table. I tried new food in Prague, as well as seeing a concentration camp, art in Vienna, the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and a fantastic dinner at Cap Horn, all of the nature in Reykjavik and then some!

We got up today (or at least I did) at about 7:50, to hopefully get breakfast at the bakery we’d been frequenting. Suppose it was a little too early on a Sunday morning, there wasn’t a soul in the parking lot so we decided to leave for the airport since we were ready to go. We were on the road by 8:30 or so and found a gas station by about 9:30. We didn’t need to return the car until about 10:15 but we figured we may as well get there earlier since we didn’t have much else to do.

Once we got to the airport it was smooth sailing (or flying anyway) from Reykjavik to Oslo for our layover. Upon entering the area past security we were drawn in by the chocolate as if it were a siren caking us. Needless to say we got a little bit of chocolate to take home with us! Afterwards we had breakfast consisting of a cheeseburger for myself and a burger for my grandmother with fries. The burgers were good, the fries a little disappointing. After that we made out way to the gate and proceeded to board shortly. The flight to Oslo was pretty nice, nothing to complain about by any means. My grandmother and I had the middle and an isle seat, I took the isle and she the middle. From there we landed and thought we might (or at least I was a little nervous about it) be a little shorter on time that I would have liked for our connection on to Heathrow. Turned out that our connecting flight’s gate was only about a 10 minute walk from ours and we were delayed anyway since our plane was late. Everything worked out pretty well in the end. I got a little hungry on the second flight so I ate some of the bread we had gotten at the bakery in Reykjavik, even took it on the Golden Circle, (we had gotten a whole loaf since we figured we could just bring it back to London with us, so why not) it was still good the next day too!

  Upon landing at Heathrow we made it through border control pretty quickly comparatively which was nice and then just had the tube ride back. Upon getting back to my accommodations we dropped off our stuff and decided on a dinner location. I chose Chop Chop since it was quick, cheapish and pretty good. My grandmother ordered the Chicken Chow Mein and I ordered the Vermicelli. After a good meal and heading home for the night it was time to call it a night and rest up before our next local adventure began. Until tomorrow!