Today my grandmother and I drove the golden circle. I swam in the secret lagoon, saw a crater, a geyser, a baby geyser, beautiful mountains and much more.

We stopped at six different locations; bingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss, the Secret Lagoon, Kerio the crater, and Hverageroi.

Bingvellir was where tectonic plates were pulling apart at a rate of 2cm a year. Back when they “erupted” if you will they created a fissure of about 2-4 feet wide in the 1700’s which we could walk between and did indeed! 

The Geysir was pretty cool, it erupted about every 5-10 minutes and we were there for two eruptions! It reminded me of Yellowstone with the sulfur and geyser!

Gullfoss was a beautiful waterfall or rather set of.

Secret lagoon was a thermal pool warmed by a few springs. I spent about 30 minutes in the water there, it was nice and relaxing.

Kerio was rather interesting, still had a little ice on it but it was pretty nonetheless.

From what I understood of Hverageroi it was where greenhouses were heated by hot springs and used to grow vegetables. The first established greenhouse unfortunately burnt down but there are many that have since been put up in and around the town. I’ll be posting this now but my night has yet to end, will update later!