Just this morning I was in Copenhagen Denmark, tonight I’m in Reykjavik Iceland with my grandmother! It seems rather surreal, my journey started off in Prague and I thought nothing could even come close to how much of an amazing time I had there! I have wanted to come to Iceland for a while now and just being here has been great! The flight over was about three hours with two time changes which wasn’t too bad!  

 Breakfast today was a mushroom and spinach omelet at the Copenhagen airport. We had to wake up at 6 to get there by 6:35 for our 8 something flight! I wasn’t so excited about getting up that early but worry not, I made it without being too much of a grump! I also got a little bit of shut eye on the airplane probably a good 45 minutes total. Otherwise I couldn’t get comfortable the rest of the time and was just resting my eyes casually, you know how it goes.  

 We rented a car at the airport instead of taking a taxi or a bus into the city, it made a lot more sense since we weren’t sure what we wanted to do here. Having the freedom to go where we wanted on our own made things so much easier and less expensive than using a taxi or bus to get everywhere! I got to drive today and the road from the airport to the city was pretty busy, plus we had some rain so it took us a little longer. Probably closer to an hour with a wrong turn or two, oops! 

Once we got into town we stopped at our hotel first to check it out and see when we could check in. It was just after 11:30am when we did that and check in wasn’t until 4 so we had a bit of time to kill. First we grabbed a bite to eat at a bakery down the road. Next we decided to drive into town and see the big church there right off the bat. The weather was a bit dreary and quite frankly miserable since it was damp and cold with the rain plus the wind, all things considered I would have preferred snow to the rain. We managed though, the church was beautiful, very austere as my grandmother described it! We went up to the top of the tower and had great scenic views of down town and would have been able to see the mountains without the lovely clouds being there!  


View from the tower of the church

Since we were a bit cold we decided to check if our room was ready we made our way back to the hotel to no avail. We then decided to check out a shop down the street to kill some time before going back to sit in the hotel’s lobby. I was pretty tired from having gotten up early so I took a nap and by the time we woke up the rain had stopped and it was pretty warm out considering! We made haste for town and went to Glo a vegan eatery down town; it was fantastic! We also happened to park right by an awesome wall mural, it was rather intriguing and I was hoping to find it! Glo was a little pricey compared to my student budget norms but not outrageous for the quality of the food by any means! I got the Vegetarian enchiladas while my grandma got the harissa chicken. We also both got the potatoes and two other salad choices which were delicious!! Turns out Glo has its own snapchat: gloiceland, I decided to follow it because why not!   

 After eating we walked down towards our next destination, dessert! We had selected Eldur and Is as per Travel Advisor reviews. It was delicious! Before I forget, we stopped into a souvenir shop/ book store to check out the stuff. We ended up leaving with three books and a coloring book/ pencils but no so souvenirs, go figure. After this we headed back and called it a night taking a little scenic route back to the hotel by driving by the water. We also got a cool view of the mountains from here which I appreciated! Until tomorrow!