Again breakfast at the Mozart hotel was pretty good, we had the breakfast buffet style as usual. This time I made myself a little breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese & ham on a good bread. I also had a pretty good jelly roll slice or two with apricot jelly inside! I also had tea today as I was too lazy to ask for it yesterday. Now I like tea but this tea just hit the spot especially. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had any for a while, either way though it was good tea!  

Our room at Hotel Mozart

 Since our flight was scheduled to depart at 2:40 we figured we’d leave by 11:20 ish to get to the airport on time for around 12ish. Turns out the antique store we were going to check out wasn’t open so we left a little earlier for the airport than we were originally planning which was fine. The Uber we requested came pretty quickly so we didn’t need to wait very long to be picked up. The car was a nice Hyundai and the driver was nice even if we didn’t speak each other’s languages! The ride to the airport was rather nice we saw some familiar scenery and some new scenery as well. 

At the airport I was able to write a few postcards, my grandma played spades on her phone and we got a little lunch. The wait wasn’t too long at the airport and we had some time to look for a place to eat dinner later on as well! I found Cap Horn, a slightly pricy but excellent restaurant right on a canal. The flight was pleasant and getting to the hotel wasn’t too troublesome but it did entail a short walk from the station. 

The hotel is pretty cool, the beds are quite comfortable and the lighting is really rather nice. The lights are bright enough to softly light the whole room but set up in such a way that they aren’t glaringly bright in any one location, I very much appreciate whoever designed the rooms is what I’m trying to say! I was a bit impatient to get to the city so we ordered a taxi from our hotel: he took us straight to the Little Mermaid Statue as I requested!  


 The statue was almost life size, not too big, not too small and it was much closer to the waters edge than my grandmother had remembered it was! That was honestly the one thing in Copenhagen that I was most excited to see and photograph which was perfect since we didn’t have much time to spend in the city itself. After seeing the statue we walked from the water to the restaurant passing a beautiful little church, the fort of course, the Queen’s Palace amongst other buildings that I couldn’t name! We also passed many a Tesla–I’m in heaven here– I love Tesla’s and getting to see a lot all in the same city is perfect!  

Cap Horn was rather cozy, had excellent staff and fantastic food! My grandmother and I each had a glass of white wine. We then ordered one special of the day and one quinoa salad that we split. The special of the day was a roasted salmon with new baby potatoes, sugar snap peas and cauliflower with a white wine bernaise sauce. The quinoa salad had of course heaps of quinoa, chunks of lettuce and a delicious yet mild dressing! Signe our waitress, was very attentive, spoke extremely good English (as did most people we encountered) and was very pleasant to have as a waitress. We spent a decent amount on dinner so instead of getting dessert there we went right next door for some ice cream–worth it! I had a salted caramel scoop and my grandmother had one of Belgian chocolate, both were quite good. 

From dinner we took an uber back to our hotel. We didn’t want to explore too much since we had to get up early the next day, think 5:30 am for our flight at 8! Until tomorrow!