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The day started out like the past few days with a good breakfast at the Olympik hotel. This time though I had to pack and we needed to be at the bus station by about 10:10 to be content. Our 10:30 student agency bus from Prague to Vienna was rather nice and getting there wasn’t much of a hassle at all. In fact it was closer than the Můstek stop and only a short walk from the station, just around the corner really.

The bus ride was rather nice albeit a little delayed (we went on Student Agency). We left at 10:35 or so and promptly found ourselves some roadwork and its corresponding traffic. The bus itself was rather nice, the seats were comfortable, the and rests could be put up or down, there was a tray table, and a tv with loads of options. I liked the map portion the best but it had games, tv, movies and more! We passed through some beautiful countryside on the way to Vienna and passed through Brno Czech Republic’s second biggest city–I managed to find a Prague car there pretty quickly but that was the only one I saw.

 After getting in to Vienna instead of taking a cab or using the metro we decided to walk to our hotel which ended up being a little less than 4 miles. The weather was warm and the sun was out but we managed to not get sunburnt luckily! The walk was rather pleasant, we got to stretch our legs and see some of the city we otherwise wouldn’t have in the same way. Our walk took us nearly an hour and a half with having to lug our suitcases along behind us but it was well worth it.

I of course had to check out the snapchat filters so I stopped at opportune times to take some snaps here and there. I also managed to pet no less than 4 dogs on our walk! After we got to and checked into our hotel we rested for a little bit and then went for dinner at a place recommended by the hotel staff. The place was decently priced, very good and had quite helpful waiters. The only potential downside we didn’t realize was that it didn’t take cards but it wasn’t a problem. My grandma ordered a schnitzel and I ordered a pork dish, both of which were fantastic and accompanied by a delightful salad!
 Upon our return to the room we planned out our walk for the morning after which we would wing it as far as what we wanted to see next! Until tomorrow!