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At LHR last night my grandma and I got a salmon & fennel fishcake with some chips on the side (french fries). It was pretty good and even with splitting it we were both full afterwards!

Our flight went smoothly we got in about ten minutes prior to our scheduled time which was chill. We went through customs which took probably 10 minutes total and then on to the arrivals area where Pipa was waiting for us! It has been fantastic to have a friend in Prague and someone who knows the city quite well in particular! We went to the hotel right away and then after an invitation I promptly decided to go out and see some of Prague’s night life!

 We went to a small lounge and Pipa ordered me a lemonade; it was the best lemonade I’d ever had hands down. It was just the right mix of sweet and bitter, lemony and a hint of lime thanks to the lime chunks in it! It’s presentation was also on point which I appreciated as well.

From here we went to a club where Pipa knew the security and we skipped the line to go in. He ordered me a whiskey sour which is one of my favorites so far besides anything with tequila that is! And we were there for a little bit just taking in the scene before heading to the last venue for the night. This time he found his friends from high school and I got to meet some of them which was cool. I immediately started talking to Kat (as her non Czech friends call her I was told) and Alexandra who are both studying right outside of London: small world apparently! We hung out here for a little bit and then called it a night after I was dropped off back at the hotel not too long after 3 ish.

Luckily I got to sleep in until around 9:30 the next morning! My grandma and I have breakfast included at our hotel so it’s quite convenient. We had a breakfast buffet at our disposal; everything you could think of was more or less there. We had eggs, bread, sausage, ham, crepes (and Nutella ❤️), yogurt, fruit and much more. I didn’t even go for the cereal or cheeses but they were there as well.
We had a good view of the half marathon I believe it was as they rounded a corner and ran straight out ahead of our hotel. It would have been fun to go and watch had I not gone and taken a nap after breakfast!

 Since the weather was so nice I decided to wear a dress I brought along. It was about 60 degrees all day until night when it got a little chilly at some points but never unbearable! Our first stop after being picked up was to check out the city center. We parked the car and walked around which was just perfect since it was sunny and really nice out. We saw a lot of churches, the Powder Tower, the astronomical clock, Prague Town Hall, the Lennon Wall, King Charles Bridge, some 5 story club (by the Charles bridge), the Prague Castle, the Petrín Observation tower, the Strahov stadium, the park by the observation tower, a fake ruin, and so much more!


View from the Petrin Observation Tower

St Vitus Cathedral

Lennon Wall

Grandmother and I with Prague Castle in background

St. Vitus Church was stunning, we went inside and I immediately found my favorite window. If you can imagine it was the one with the most pink and purple in it! I also loved the Rose Window, all of the stained glass was just beautiful! Not only was the stained glass breathtaking, the building itself and the architecture was fascinating!

  Great Strahov stadium seated 250,000 people and is the size of 9 football stadiums. Built in communist times, the stadium was used for communist synchronized routines.

Quick shot of the Strahov Stadium 

  Since its pretty late I’ll end with that and pick up tomorrow, until then!
PS: pictures will be uploaded later on when I’ve got reliable wifi!