Today my grandma and I set off for our five country tour that is my second break. I had class today so I really should have taken advantage of when I was woken up early to throw a load of laundry it but I didn’t sadly I just tried to sleep in until my alarm. It all worked out though since I was able to put the laundry in the washer and the dryer. My grandma was kind enough to take them from the dryer back to muro while I was in class which was quite nice.
We had breakfast at Mildred’s today each of us getting scrambled eggs with toast and spinach! We also each got a croissant since we didn’t realize the breakfast came with toast for some reason! The eggs were great, light and fluffy with just the right amount of salt! From breakfast I ran off to class and was only a few minutes late so it could have been worse! I was in time to fill out our survey of the class and our professor and then to hear all of lecture even. After class I stopped by a boots and picked up some small items for the trip a toothbrush, some more toothpaste and the likes and headed to my room.
I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to pack and my grandma folded my clothes which helped quite a bit! I made quick work of packing and we had a little time before we left to relax and for me to sort out some more postcards, I’ve neglected to write all of them out yet so I’ve got a little bit of work yet in that department.
The first city we’ll be in is Prague visiting a friend of mine from a summer trip back in 2009! I’m quite excited to see Prague and he surrounding areas as he’s even offered to show us around which was really awesome of him! I hope to make it to Auschwitz which was on my list of places to go prior to coming to London. Other things we’ll see depend on what my friend shows us as Prague is his city and he’s sure to have the knowledge we need! 
Well enough for today I’ll update later after we land in Prague with some tentative plans and sights we’ll likely see. Until then!