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Today my grandma got here so we can travel together for my break and I couldn’t be more stoked!! I also got to go to the Odesza (if you’re curious about their music check out that link) concert at Troxy. Amazing. Not only did I have those two awesome things planned out for today I also went on a field trip to St. Bartholomews museum as well! So today was packed full of excitement and new things!

My two favorite parts of my day were of course picking up my grandma from the tube with minor exit issues and then the Odesza concert. Not to say that the field trip wasn’t awesome, because it was but those other two items on my agenda definitely trumped the field trip by far! The first thing my grandma and I did was to stop at a Pret for some food since I was going off to the concert not too long after she settled in (poor planning on my part but these tickets were bought before the plan for grandma to come was solidified :O). I recommended the Mac n’ cheese which is usually always my go-to food at Pret because it’s just that delicious.

After getting her all settled in I went to town on my last assignment, a paper for my global health course which I had almost finished yesterday. I’d got a minor part left to finish so I wasn’t too guilty leaving for the concert except for leaving my grandma to stay in my room (and hopefully not nap, cause ya know, jet lag and all that jazz). Well I left for the concert around 7 ish and got back by 11:30 which was really nice, this was a pretty short concert by my standards which I really appreciated! The openers for Odesza were awesome, I particularly liked Jerry Folk, his set was solid! I admit I didn’t know enough of Odesza’s songs but I thoroughly enjoyed their set, it was fantastic and the lights were on point as well! I’ll end with some photos of my day and then I’ve got a short post coming tomorrow, until then!


Oldest part of St. Bart’s; the part at the top of the tower


Instead of renting a bed for 30 pounds a night I’m using my yoga mat as Nicole did while she was here!