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The concert was pretty interesting. Hodor was the main DJ as to be expected when looking at the Facebook page for the event. I neglected to mention that Sir Loras was to be gracing us with his Dj’ing presence as well, but it turned out he didn’t show. Go figure. I wasn’t a huge fan of Hodor’s specific style so I was more interested in people watching and just chilling. I did however take a picture on the throne with a white walker which was cool.

On our way to the concert we got rained upon just a little bit, luckily we had umbrellas with us or it would have been terrible! Not knowing the venue very well beforehand I decided to wear shorts and a tank top so getting there walking/ standing in the rain before getting on the bus/ into the venue itself was interesting. Luckily it wasn’t too cold before the concert, just afterwards!

Devon and I got it in our heads that we would get bagels for a snack before heading back which was chill since it was open 24/7. Little did we know that we would just miss our bus by a minute and have to wait 30 for the next one in about 48 degree pouring rain at the bus stop. We gave up at that point and bit the bullet taking a taxi back to our housing.

Randomly during the concert I managed to get some cool neon body paint all over myself. No idea where it came from or how it managed to get on my legs, arm, shirt and shorts? It was pretty entertaining and rather pretty in the black lights!

Mystery body paint leftover from Rave of Thrones


Me on my throne with my friend the Whitewalker