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Today Nicole and I started off with breakfast at a little cafe down the street that has a pretty good set of breakfast choices. Today I ordered the salmon breakfast one with smoked salmon, egg, a tea, toast, hash browns & a tiny salad portion. I’m a fan of salmon so it was perfect, although lox bagels will probably always be my favorite breakfast with salmon. Nicole got the full English breakfast which I had had the last time I went to that cafe. From there we went straight to Harrods to check it out and ended up finding some cute souvenirs!

Full English Breakfast on top& Salmon breakfast below

Jubilee line of teaware in time for the Queen’s Birthday

The heart is around the Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt cake thing

Artwork in Harrods

After Harrods we went outside to see an awesome Lamborghini driving by which of course I took pictures of. On rounding the corner we found a number of gift/ souvenir stores for the rest of the London items. We found a really good deal on post cards, 10p each which is the best I’ve seen so far! I may have to go back if I have room for a £10 London sweater!

Beautiful Lamborghini we saw outside Harrods (not a surprising place to see it!)

As we walked towards the museums we came across a pastry shop and got a palmier and a strawberry custard to split; they were both delish! The palmier reminded me of the ones my grandma makes each year as part of her Christmas cookie selection so I of course had to get it! Our next destination happened to be the Victoria & Albert Museum which was amazing as you might expect. We didn’t see everything of course but we did spend a good amount of time perusing the collections! After spending probably about an hour and a half in the V&A we headed back to my dorm and rested up before dinner later on.

Lovely entryway sculpture at the V&A Museum 



Puck from a Midsummer Night’s Dream


For dinner we decided to go to Thai since Nicole hadn’t had it before and Devin and I knew a pretty good place to go; Busaba! I got the Chilli beef Jasmine rice: Thai basil, chilli ground beef& fried egg it was delicious but not as hot as I expected! While we were eating an Italian family got seated at our table across from us and they were having trouble reading the menu and were asking us the dishes we had for reference which I thought was pretty smart! As it turned out though I had Google Translate on my phone which was a lifesaver; the app lets you hover over writing as it uses your camera to read it and translates it for you! I was able to lend them my phone so they could read the menu themselves rather than trying to decipher it amongst themselves. Shoutout to my friend Eli for mentioning the app a few weeks ago, it’s been super useful especially when I used it in Paris!

Both Nicole & Devon got the Pad Thai (my usual that or drunken noodles anyway) and both loved it! We were decently full after dinner but wanted something sweet (and the dessert menu wasn’t available here yet) so we left and took the bus to get some Candys and Cream as a last hurrah for the weekend (as Nicole leaves early Sunday morning). I ordered a Salted Caramel gelato scoop, Devon got two scoops of the chocolate variety and Nicole ordered the Knickerbocker sundae. As it turned out the people accidentally messed up an order and made it for eat in instead of takeaway so they gave it to us free of charge! It was crazy the amount of sugar the three of us ingested, and these weren’t small sundaes! Well that was the evening in all its glory; until tomorrow!

 PS: It was great to be able to see a friend from school here in London; we had planned to visit each other since we are both studying abroad at the same time! Next I get to visit her later on!