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Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, or perhaps you’re one for the chocolate and bunny candies! Today has been a rather relaxing day so far. After I walked Nicole to the train station and waited until the gates opened an hour later I went back to sleep until 1:3o which was nice. I woke up just in time for the small torrentialish rainfall, at one point it seemed like it was hailing? Luckily I had no plans to leave until my Game of Thrones concert tonight!

A few of my cohort and I are going to “Rave of Thrones” tonight of which Hodor will be Dj’ing! I’m pretty stoked, I really enjoy Game of Thrones and am not so patiently awaiting season 6! The “rave” starts tonight at 9pm so I’m posting this blog now and will write about my experience at the show later on! Until tomorrow!