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Today was a lazy morning followed by a fun afternoon & good evening. I picked up my friend from school at the train station as she’d just flown in from Dublin for the weekend! It was pretty awesome to see a friend from back at school, same major, same graduating class and everything too! We started out walking to Buckingham Palace but detoured to the British Museum, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square first. I also showed her the really awesome arch in China Town which I knew  how to get to much better this time than the last time I’d been showing someone around!

We stopped in at the Jamaican Patty Company for some delish meat patty’s, again I got the spicy beef one, soo good! We at these on our way to the National Gallery for a whirlwind tour of it with our first stop being Room 45 (Van Gogh), amongst the numerous other paintings to which I cannot name them all. While we were at Trafalgar Square we were witnessing an Easter themed play about the crucifixion of Jesus (read more in the link) just you know, playing in the middle of the square, casually. We made a break for Buckingham Palace after that and I shortly remembered I had an assignment due at 6pm so we luckily made it back in time to for me to submit it!

For dinner Nicole, Devon and I went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for some great food all in good company. This time we were all too full for dessert so we decided to grab ice cream later on. Next Nicole and I went back to Big Ben & to see the London Eye all lit up. I had yet to see the London Eye lit up in person so it was pretty awesome to see! We then walked down along the river until we got to a spot to see the Tower Bridge from for some good shots of that at night as well! From there we made our way back and stopped for some good Candy’s and Cream ice cream to fill the dessert void from earlier! All in all today was pretty productive and really chill. Until tomorrow!

London Eye with the moon peaking out from behind. 

Tower Bridge night shot