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Today with our program we had an optional activity of touring the Arsenal Football stadium, which as you may have guessed, I went to! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching Football/ Soccer but I don’t have a favorite team be it here in the UK or back home in the States with the exception of the USA in the world cup matches that is. The stadium was pretty cool, their little pool was really interesting as I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I also appreciated their training room, it seemed pretty well equipped, I’d have loved to spent a game day in there that’s for sure!

Some notable things we got to do were check out the Director’s Box, as well as the Diamond club, both locker rooms and the home dugout itself. Their chairs are pretty comfortable I might add, but then again, why wouldn’t they be!

Some fun facts from today’s outing:

  1. The Diamond club with only 81 (I believe this is correct), is 31,000 pounds a year with a four year commitment at a time. Believe it or not, it also has about a 9 year waiting list!
  2. The visiting team’s locker room is dubbed as the best in the league by current Arsenal coach; he used to coach another team and he found that it was by far the best away room in the league.
  3. The grass on the field is cut to precisely 22mm.
  4. Arsenal is estimated to have over 100 Million fans worldwide.

After the stadium tour I went to have dinner at the Marquis of Cornwallis since I had a five pound voucher and it expired soon. As per my usual, I got the Ale Pie, I just had to try it out there; my favorite is still the one I had in Edinburgh! After dinner I was going to buy bread at a local bakery but I got sidetracked and ended up getting a haircut as I was going to ask for a quote. I’d say it all worked out, I needed one pretty badly so it wasn’t too awful. I sat reading the newspaper for a little bit then since I showered right before the studio tour my hair was still wet enough to be cut which worked out nicely! I got probably about two inches cut off which is my norm for my biannual haircuts. On my walk back to my accommodation I got my bread at a local grocery store and viola, my day was pretty good I’d say!

Until tomorrow, I’ve got an awesome excursion planned and I can’t wait to share my experience!!