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As most people have probably heard by now, there were two attacks in Brussels today. I woke up this morning to about no less than five emails notifying me of the attacks. One email was from my study abroad adviser back at my home school, and the rest of the other six emails were from my study abroad program here in London. So far nobody has received any notifications from the Embassy that we know of anyway, so there’s that.

The first thing I heard when I got to class was talk of Brussels which wasn’t surprising. I’d heard about it while I was leaving my accommodations; it was the very first time I’d ever seen them playing the news from their tv’s in the lobby. Usually they play a top 25 hit songs channel, so I knew something was up before I even realized what it was, sadly. Luckily nobody from our program has plans to go to Belgium or the closer surrounding areas anytime soon!

It does and doesn’t come as a surprise that there was another attack. Although it surprised me that Brussels was targeted specifically as they didn’t have warning (or at least what news sources reported). Being in London abroad it’s almost as if me and my cohort are in a bubble. We are and aren’t affected by EU politics and happenings at the same time. Along with that I feel that I have a “false” sense of security, nobody knows for sure when the next attack will happen indefinitely, and yet I feel safe and secure in my London bubble. They haven’t been attacked yet (and hopefully won’t), so I’m perhaps being obliviously naive to think it won’t happen.