We started out at the Modern Art Museum and saw a number of Matisse paintings among a number of other paintings & sculptures. I could have spent the whole day there but it was our first stop so we didn’t spend very long. My favorite paintings were probably the large circularesque ones called Rythme n1, etc by Robert Delaunay. I also really liked the surreal paintings.  

 There was honestly too much to mention (and I’m still having trouble uploading pictures) so I’ll be uploading pictures I really enjoyed later. Totally worth mentioning was the huge room that was more or less a panorama of one painting I think? It was in French so we couldn’t really understand it but it was amazing! I’ll be adding a link to it later (when I’ve got my computer)! 

After the Modern Art we decided to grab some food since it was probably about 1:30 by then and we had eaten at 8:45 or so! This time we ate at a restaurant on the way to the Pantheon rather than by the modern art gallery. It was called Mucha cafe, I’m sure my mom would have loved it, all the purple! Jayden and I both ordered the omelette complete with salad& French fries–delish! Devon went for the Caesar Salad and enjoyed that as well! From here we trekked on to the Pantheon. 

 I was amazed at the people buried there, all superstars in their own right; people such as the Curie’s, Voltaire, Rousseau, Hugo, and many more! The pantheon itself was dedicated to Saint Genevieve who was as we understood it was exceptionally kind and usually pictured with bread, go figure. From here our next stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral! 

 We didn’t go inside but we did take the typical photos and spent time admiring the building. From here we went to a recommended ice cream shop called Berthillon; it was great I’d recommend this to anyone in Paris near the Notre Dame! I got salted caramel because it’s my favorite and I had to! We ended the day with dinner at a Chinese place with a hostel mate of ours who studies in Cork for the semester. Overall a really good day but it’s time to get back to London& get back on that grind! Until tomorrow!