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Today started out like any other Friday, class at 11, but then instead of going back to the room I met Devon& Jayden at the train station! We’re off to Paris this weekend as I’ve mentioned in my blog yesterday. So far we’ve got a few things planned out, I’m hoping to check out Moulin Rouge for the photo op outside. I know? Stereotypical tourist thing, but I may as well! 
Other places & things to see include but are not limited to:
1. Eiffel Tower
2. The Louvre 

3. Palace of Versailles 

4. Pantheon

5. The love wall

6. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

7. La Promenade Plantée

8. The modern art museum 

Since I had left from class to the airport I decided to grab a bite to eat as did Devon and Jayden. We ended up at Shake-a-hula a hotdog and milkshake place. I got the “Hot Hot Dog” with jalapeños and a flake milkshake. Overall pretty tasty! The flight to France was super short and we thought it would be a lot longer but guess not.

After getting through customs our first order of business was to make way to our hostel and check in before venturing out! We figured out the transportation from the airport thanks to Devon (woulda been hella lost without her), and a little help from the airport attendant! Plus once we got into the train we found some fellow Americans who so happened to be from Cali also and got a little help to solidify our whereabouts/ make sure we did know what we were doing. From the airport it took us about an hour to get to walking distance to our hostel which wasn’t far from the transportation after we figured out our directions.. 

The first Parisian sight we saw was the Moulin Rouge, we just happened to be wandering and bam there it was! All bright and shiny, I’ll need to rewatch the movie sometime after I get back. During our wandering we happened upon this crepe place so of course that’s what we had for dinner! I got a savory crepe as did everyone else to start with; mine was mushroom and cheese, Jayden got chicken and cheese while Devon got ham& cheese. They also got banana & Nutella crepes after but I was full so I’ll save that for another time. That sums up today, the only other thing we did was figure out what we’d be doing tomorrow!

Until then!

Ps: I’m having trouble posting my photos so I’ll be updating them later sometime.