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As one of our friends will be leaving to go back home relatively soon we decided to make a weekend trip to Paris. We’ve got to make the most of our time here right? Well this weekend is it, we’re heading out tomorrow and I’m sure we’ll have a lovely time figuring out when to go to the Eiffel tower or the Louvre. I’m pretty pumped. My only very minor regret is that we aren’t taking a train either way I would have really enjoyed doing that, but I’ll manage!

The weather forecast doesn’t look too bad, it’ll be low 50’s mostly which is perfect in my book!Hopefully we can get some good shots of the tower with perhaps minimal clouds? Either way I’m pretty excited for this weekend! I’ll be leaving straight from class tomorrow so I’ve got to pack my things shortly!

Tonight for dinner Devon and I went to the Burrito Cafe for dinner, I’m really digging this place. Tonight we ate in and I realized they had my favorite hot sauce, score! I got the quesadilla again because it was pretty darn good the last time. On our way out we ran into two of our classmates who had just popped in for their dinner which was nice.

As usual I’ve got to find a way to talk about dogs; tonight on the walk back from dinner I pet this super sweet bull dog who as adorable! Well this post’ll be short so I can pack & research more things for Paris, until tomorrow!