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Today started out with optional museum and market explorations of which I close to go to the Ulster Museum followed by some exploration at St. George’s Market later on followed by a quick sit/ nap at the hostel and then the journey back to London.
Looking at the national museum, seeing what the cohesive narrative is per the state level. Not everyone ascribes to the same cohesive form of “Northern Irishness”. Even the state can’t always get an agreed upon theme. Specifically looking at how the different identities are contested and evolved. This modern exhibition also goes back 400 years as well as discussing The Troubles–the more recent conflict. Including many factors such as how it started, ended, etc.
The modern history exhibit had artifacts whereas The Troubles didn’t have artifacts and the pictures were made to be in black and white; giving the sense that they were in the past rather than more modern. How would one even begin to choose what objects would be displayed, the conflict was so recent relatively speaking that it would be extremely difficult to present artifacts. The Royal Ulster Constabulary was a majority Protestant police force which many Catholics didn’t trust as they were seen to be entirely biased on behalf of Protestants. It’s since gone through a reform and changed its name. Oddly enough the reformer was an American who used an American model of reform–wonder why we haven’t thought to use our own reform model at home in some cases..?

*The Wind That Shakes the Barley* was a suggested movie relating to the conflict if I’m recalling what I was told (if you’d like to know more check out the movie trailer on youtube). In relation to The Troubles there is a very interesting exhibition at the Ulster Museum now that I found very enlightening. That was our last guided stop in the museum after which I went off to the market.

At the market we split off and wandered around looking at the wares and food available. There were a number of jewelry and gift stands which were all really fun to look at, there were also a number of candy stalls.. I had to put my blinders on. I successfully managed to not buy any candy today which was a feat. I did however pick up a super yummy breakfast burger with egg and bacon as well as one souvenir for someone.  After the market Devon and I wen to check out the scenery along the river and then headed back to the hostel and that was the end of our Belfast excursion. On our walk back we passed some nice little flowe patches which I enjoyed!

Once at the airport we noticed the sevens ice landscaping of the grass embankment in front of the airport and I thought it would be interesting to share a picture of it here. The flight back to London was quite uneventful as is typically the case; although the sunset we could see from the airplane was phenomenal! Until tomorrow!


Defensive grass barrier at Belfast City Airport