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First I wanted to mention it was recently Hanna’s Birthday, she’s awesome, so again Happy Birthday to her! Second, Devon and I went to Oneils for dinner the other day, we split an ice cream afterwards and it was delish!

To get started with today we met at the train station to take the train to Gatwick, and from there left to Belfast! Having about 50 people in the group it’s pretty interesting you might say. I know most of the people as they’re in my program specifically but there are a few who I hadn’t known yet. Having met at the station at 6am I was a bit tired but I managed to pull through and enjoy the flight and scenery so far!

One of the first things we did was go Tia peace wall section. The cross of crosses is in a”no mans land” as need be such as at night, weekends, and times when there is tension between the two communities. The security fences on either side of the cross are rather forbidding. Perception is particularly important here; a perception of violence leads to violence.  

 Tourists who come to visit the wall sign it with sharpies and usually with patronizing messages such as “take down the wall”, “peace”, “have open minds” etc. while it may be with a good intention it’s rather unfortunate.  

 Debensham in particular was a store in the Castle Court, a shopping center where bomb threats were common. The employees were instructed to go open the emergency exits before instructing the patrons of the threat at the code of “will the plumber come to the basement”. 

This was an abbreviated version of today but I’ll go into more detail later on. Tomorrow we’ve got the Giant’s Causeway and other awesome things to see, I’m super exited for those!