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I’ll be going on a study tour with my cohort sooner rather than later and I’m quite excited! We had a meeting to go over the trip in short, talk about where we’d be staying, and the places we’d be going. One of the places we’ll be going is the Giant’s Causeway which I’m super pumped for! I love, love, love the ocean and beaches and anything coast like (that isn’t a lake anyway.. Sorry Minnesota). I’m pretty stoked also for this here bridge!

Other things I’m looking forward to include the tour of East and West Belfast via bus, a music experience and a countryside tour! Specifically we’ll be checking out some peace walls and an international wall as well.

I’ve started planning for my second break in which my grandma will come and visit me! We’ve got a pretty good schedule of visiting Iceland, Copenhagen, Vienna and Prague! I’m pretty pumped for that trip!! Well I’ll keep this post short and sweet so I can elaborate more later, until then!