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I had the good fortune to have breakfast with my aunt’s brother this past Sunday. Not only did we have breakfast but he shared a vast plethora of knowledge and tidbits about London with Devon and me! He kindly enough took some of my clothes that I didn’t need here back to the Sates for me to be sent home at some point which was extremely helpful! We went to Mildreds for breakfast which was fun since none of us had been (I think at least that none had been before). I got the Shakshouka which consisted of Spinach, sumac, spicy red sauce (didn’t really make an appearance so I was a little disappointed in that regard), all with eggs baked in a charcoal oven and served with a piece of sourdough bread!

I enjoyed the dish, I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes but I ate them all (it was a small feat). The egg parts of it were quite delish! In the picture I also showcased Rob’s & Devon’s breakfasts eggs, avocado & bread, and yogurt respectively. Both Rob & Devon got cappuccinos which went over well, although it had been a toss up between that and the late for Devon! This post was rather short but more to come tomorrow on my field trip to the British Museum!

PS thanks to Rob for paying for breakfast, it was also much appreciated! :O