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After the snack we headed to Leicester Square where I took him around that area. Prior to leaving I realized our proximity to China Town so of course I had to venture out around there to find the awesome archway that I so favored. We essentially made a big square of where we walked on our hunt for the gate which was fine–all the exercise right? Covent Garden was the next box to be checked off since it was such a short walk and a pretty neat area especially with the shops and stalls in the market. I was able to locate the market and we made our way there where we found the cute stalls with hand crafted goods and little tourist trap wares at the other end. We spent a little time here checking out the goods before heading out to grab some more substantial food as it was lunch time and the hunger was gnawing at us. I wanted to find a meal of meat pies with mushy peas and chips but alas, nowhere around us had that specific fare to offer. Instead we ended up going to a place because we tried their free sample which was super yummy!

We landed at the Jamaica Patty Co. which was delish. I would put it on par with the best meat pies I’ve had so far and trust me I’ve had some less than stellar ones sadly (I may also be a bit of a critic so perhaps take my critiques with a grain of salt). We both ordered the spicy patty and they were super good, a small kick that surprised me with its spice in a lovely way along with the flaky pastry which was on point might I add. All in all I would say 10/10, I’d go back and I will probably be taking a few friends with me!

British Museum was also on our agenda as it was free, large and in charge, and had some pretty awesome things on show. Namely I googled it an the Rosetta Stone came up so that was an automatic yes, along with numerous Egyptian artifacts. I totally geeked out, my 6th grade core teacher instilled in me a love of Egypt and all thins Egyptian so I was in heaven! What really struck me was how most of the items on display were just out in the open, I heard a number of other people make remarks to that effect and I saw the same number and many more touching said objects. The policy was that the items were not to be touched but not many people followed that rule unfortunately. I would be horrified as a museum worker to see that happen on a daily basis, or maybe they aren’t worried and know better? Anyway, we saw the Rosetta Stone as mentioned, mummies and various other architecture pieces from Egypt as well as pillars and sarcophagi. Again, I loved this! I’ll be going back for a class field trip on Tuesday and I plan to spend the rest of the day there until it closes with Devon exploring the museum!

Giant Scarab Beetle


King Thutmose 3


King Ramesees 2nd

At the end of our little “tour” I took us to Oxford Street for a brief shopping district stint and to give him a taste of the famous street. We didn’t spend a ton of time here but it was fun. From here we took the Tube heading back to our respective locations and then parted our ways thus ending a fun whirlwind jaunt about London. As it were my day didn’t quite end there! Once I made it back to my Tube stop I waited about 10 minutes to meet up with Devon and we went for a nice dinner and made our way back to the dorm. That officially ended my long and exhaustingly fun day!

Side note, it was on our way to Oxford Street that we saw a Rolls Royce interestingly enough. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person before but then again the car itself doesn’t interest me much–it’s just a techy luxury car. I’m more interested in cars with funky shapes than purely luxuriously expensive price tags. It was worth noting though! As usual, I couldn’t forget to mention the dogs I pet as well. I pet a little (what I’m assuming was anyway) Pomeranian, it was super cute all bundled up in a sweater and blanket to keep it warm! The other dog I pet was a little more shy, it didn’t look at me but when I went to pet it it made sure to stand up so it could get a good back scratching in. I didn’t quite meet my usual dog quota for the day sadly but it was still a good one.