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Saturday began for me at about 10:30am when I got the text that my friend was going to be at the Tube station a little early. I was going to show my friend’s friend around London since he had a day free during his business trip and wanted to see the city without having to wander it alone. We met at a little after 11 after which we made a quick little plan of where to go and what to see as per my suggestion and his requests. We had Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square on the list. I added Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Leicester Square, the National Gallery, China Town and the British Museum to the list since we had the time for em.

We started out with Buckingham Palace; got off at Green Park tube stop and walked through the deliciously green Green Park. Upon reaching the palace I gave what little history I knew in the form of “fun facts” as we walked around the area and took pictures. I mentioned how the lovely gold statue was for Queen Victoria and talked about how the guards changed daily. From here we walked through the park and I mentioned the swans being the Queen’s property and such and showed him the pelicans chilling off to the side.

Next on our whirlwind “tour” of London we headed to Big Ben & the Westminster area for the typical clocktowery photos. I snapped a few (hopefully good, and to his liking) shots of my friend at the phone booth with Big Ben in the background. The next location of choice was a vantage point where we could see the London Eye; all we had to do was walk about .3 miles to get to the river and there it was in all its splendor! As I hadn’t been here before I too opted for some photographs here, I obviously have yet to go at night to see it all nicely lit up.

Trafalgar  Square was up next so we hopped on the Tube and from there set our sights on the National Gallery. I mentioned the newest (I heard a new Lion was added so this may not be 100% accurate) sculpture addition which was a horse skeleton with a stock market ribbon which peaked my friend’s interest as it did when I first saw it personally. I however forgot  or neglected to mention the pillar itself which was a shame so I hope he looks it up sometime later. We decided to go into the Gallery itself because we were there and why the heck would we not! We essentially bee lined it for the Van Gough room which as it turns out was room 45. Hence the title of this post. Since we were both getting a little peckish I suggested we go to the Cafe in the Crypt (shutout to Tanya for telling me about it and highly suggesting it! I’ve been twice now!). He got a soup and I got some little dessert that was quite delish and rather well presented I felt!

 As it is I’m about to fall asleep so I’ll be finishing the rest of this post tomorrow!